Tips to Extend the Life of your Car Battery

Car batteries without a doubt are an essential part of the automobile. Your car no matter how sophisticated it is will not start if the battery is dead. It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that your batteries are in good shape unless you have the tow truck on speed dial.  Here are some tips to extend the life of your car battery.

Basic Maintenance

According to car battery Elk River , some basic maintenance will do wonders to extend the life of your car battery. To perform the basic steps you need to first know how to remove the battery from the tray and make sure all the clamps are detached using the correct tools. You will need a battery terminal plier, battery wrench and battery pliers. Next is to remove the corrosion buildup on the terminals using water and some baking soda. You then remove any grease and other liquid substances near or around the unit in order to prevent grounding.

Battery Checkup

Use a voltmeter in order to detect the charge level. There are markers on the voltmeter that determine whether or not the battery is still good or is about to go bad. Refer to the voltmeter owner’s manual for information on how to interpret the readings.

If you are able to, try and check the electrolyte level on the battery by removing the covers on top of the battery and filling it with distilled water. According to preventive maintenance Elk River MN, the liquid should be half-full. If you see any leaks, you need to replace the unit at once.  If you have a hydrometer at your disposal take a sample from each cell. You need to be able to get readings of 1.264 or better if you have a fully charged battery. Fair readings are somewhere between 1.250 and 1.230 and a recharge or replacement is needed if you read 1.200

Battery Monitoring

Check for power fluctuations when starting your car. Does it feel weak or slow? If this occurs check the voltmeter readings. If it is 12.2 or below it is time to have the battery checked or replaced.