Breed Restrictions in Kennels

Kennels are places that specialize in taking care of your pet dog while you go away on a vacation. Known also as dog boarding kennels, they are quite popular with many dog lovers because of the convenience they offer.  According to dog boarding Buffalo MN services, a lot of customers often inquire about breed restrictions in kennels.  Here are some facts to consider.

Open Boarding Environment

If the kennel utilizes an open boarding environment meaning there are no individual kennels for the pets, breed restrictions can be a good thing as long as the kennel takes the time to separate the dogs according to size. Why? Even the cutest Golden Retriever may all of a sudden think that the furry Pomeranian is a good snack to chew on in the dead of night.  Size differences in breeds, the result could be fatal for some pets if something goes horribly wrong.

Why Breed Restrictions are part of Policy

According to dog boarding Monticello MN specialists, boarding kennels often have breed restrictions due to the simple fact that their facilities are no equipped to ensure the safety of all residents in the event that one large or potentially dangerous breed of dog is in a bad mood.  Even in the most sophisticated facilities, one cannot discount the fact that dogs feel a certain level of stress due to the fact that they are in a different environment and being cared for by other people, which are not their natural masters. For instance, a mid-sized Labrador retriever can become as destructive as say, a 120 lb. Rottweiler if he is agitated.  The kennels must be secured properly so as to safeguard the pet from itself in those kinds of situations.

Temperament Restrictions

There are kennels that will refuse to accept pets that are aggressive to people. Other kennels may restrict pets that are too fearful. Most of the time, kennels have a network between themselves to send dogs the other way in the event that pet is refused at their facility for some reason or another.  Breed restrictions are a good thing because they serve the best interest of your pets. No one would like to have to worry about their pet while it is in a kennel simply because the kennel does not think about these matters seriously.