Warning Signs that You Need to Replace your Brake Pads

The brake are without a doubt the most important safety feature your car has. However, most car owners tend to overlook brake maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle brakes will save you costly repairs in the long run and keep your car safe and in the best shape to avoid mishaps on the road due to brake failure.  Here are some warning signs that tell you to immediately replace your brake pads.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

According to brake pads & rotors Minnesota experts, the vibration is caused by worn out brakes or brake pads that have been warped due to too much heat.  Sometimes all that is needed to correct the problem is re-machining but if this is not possible there is no other choice but to replace the pads.

Thin Brake Pads

According to brake repairs Elk River Minnesota an easy way to check for worn brake pads is to peer through the spokes of the rims to peruse the pads themselves. The outer brake pad is visible as the material presses against the brake disc. Brake pads are considered too thin if you are able to see less than ¼ inch visibility. Thin pads require immediate replacement.

Clicking Noise

If you notice that the brakes begin to make a clicking sound when you apply the brakes it is an indicator that the pads require replacing. All vehicle manufacturers install a device that prevents the pads from rattling when you step on the brakes, if this has been damaged or has worn out you will hear the clicking noise.

Screeching Sound

This is a common overlooked symptom.  Aside from the clicking noise, a high-pitched screeching sound is a sure sign that you need to replace the pads.  The sound is produced by the small metal shim that surrounds the pads. 

Grinding Sound

Grinding or growling sounds when depressing the brake pedal is not a good sign. The sound is usually caused by the brake disc and brake caliper rubbing with one another. If this is the case, the brake discs may also require replacing. Have them checked immediately by a certified mechanic.