Proper Tire Care Advice

Elk River Tire and AutoThe tires are probably the most abused part of the car as it is the one in constant contact with the pavement, the dirt or just about anything else on the road. If we want to get the most out of our tires there are a couple of things that are necessary and these are correct tire maintenance and professional tire services like the one offered by Elk River Tire and Auto If you are interested about how to take care of your tires here are some helpful advice.


Normally with regular use tires lose about one PSI (pound per square inch) of air pressure each month. This is the reason why it is important to check your tires at least once a month. Do refer to the inscription inscribed on the tire wall of your tires for information on tire inflation and the owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure.

Tire Rotation

On many front-wheel drive cars, the front tires wear out almost two times as quickly as the rear ones. Usually a mechanical problem like a misaligned suspension leads to uneven tire wear. According to tire repair Zimmerman Minnesota specialists, you need to rotate your tires at least once every 5,000 miles.

Valve Stem Replacement

The number one factor that results in a shortened tire life is loss of air pressure. Due to wear and tear, tire valves eventually give out and air seeps out slowly. If you notice one or more of your tires losing too much air pressure than usual have the tire valves checked.

Correct Flat Repair

If you suffer a flat make sure to bring your tire to a professional tire repair shop. Tire repair professionals will conduct a complete inspection and determine whether or not the tire can be repaired if so they will fill the damaged portion, seal the inner liner and then re-check for signs of leaks prior to re-mounting the tire.

Do not let your tires become damaged due to lack of maintenance.  A little effort goes a long way.  By protecting your tires, you are also protecting your investment.