Disciplining Your Doberman Pinscher

Known as one of the most loyal breed of dogs around, the Doberman Pinscher was originally developed as a guard dog by Louis Dobermann. Big, full of energy, loving and extremely loyal, Dobermans are loved by both kids and adults.  However, they can also be assertive which makes them overly protective at times.  This is the reason why training a Doberman is a complex process and mutual respect is needed for any training to be a success.  Here is how you can discipline your Doberman Pinscher.

Repetition is Key

According to dog boarding Maple Grove experts, you need to begin the training process for Dobermans at a young age like at 6 months or even earlier than that.  Adult Dobermans can also be trained but it can be more difficult.  It is important to have short training sessions and then repeat them at different times of the day.  In fact, repetition is the key to training any Doberman.  You need to give commands in a firm and assertive tone and then soften your voice when you are providing praise.

 Walk alongside your Doberman and then use the command “easy” along with a short pull of the leash each time he attempts to go in a different direction. Do not forget to provide treats for good behavior so it can be reinforced.  You can use this method to teach your Doberman basic commands like “down” and “sit”.  It is important that you use treats to lead the dog in the desired position and once achieved, repeat the command until you allow him to move.


If you want to improve the indoor behavior of your Doberman, you can crate train him. Place a lot of treats and toys in the crate and provide encouragement for your pet to stay inside it If he does not want to enter, gently lase it inside and then proceed on closing the door. Do leave the TV on during the early phase of this training so he won’t feel alone.  You can improve your Doberman’s chewing habits by using chew toys that contain treats within.