Proper Tire Care Advice

Elk River Tire and AutoThe tires are probably the most abused part of the car as it is the one in constant contact with the pavement, the dirt or just about anything else on the road. If we want to get the most out of our tires there are a couple of things that are necessary and these are correct tire maintenance and professional tire services like the one offered by Elk River Tire and Auto If you are interested about how to take care of your tires here are some helpful advice.


Normally with regular use tires lose about one PSI (pound per square inch) of air pressure each month. This is the reason why it is important to check your tires at least once a month. Do refer to the inscription inscribed on the tire wall of your tires for information on tire inflation and the owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure.

Tire Rotation

On many front-wheel drive cars, the front tires wear out almost two times as quickly as the rear ones. Usually a mechanical problem like a misaligned suspension leads to uneven tire wear. According to tire repair Zimmerman Minnesota specialists, you need to rotate your tires at least once every 5,000 miles.

Valve Stem Replacement

The number one factor that results in a shortened tire life is loss of air pressure. Due to wear and tear, tire valves eventually give out and air seeps out slowly. If you notice one or more of your tires losing too much air pressure than usual have the tire valves checked.

Correct Flat Repair

If you suffer a flat make sure to bring your tire to a professional tire repair shop. Tire repair professionals will conduct a complete inspection and determine whether or not the tire can be repaired if so they will fill the damaged portion, seal the inner liner and then re-check for signs of leaks prior to re-mounting the tire.

Do not let your tires become damaged due to lack of maintenance.  A little effort goes a long way.  By protecting your tires, you are also protecting your investment.

How to do Preventive Maintenance on your Car’s Exhaust System

tune up car Elk River MinnesotaWhen it comes to engine performance and safety the exhaust system is not usually the first one that car owners look to. However, it should be on the top of each and every car owner’s list.  The engine combusts fuel and air in order for it to run. This in turn creates gases that need to be vented out. Most of the gases are harmful to the environment; the exhaust system is there to transport gases but that is not its main function only as it is also designed to reduce the toxic emissions as well.  It is in your best interest to keep your exhaust system in tiptop shape. Here are a few preventive maintenance tips.

Have the Check Engine Light Examined

According to tune up car Elk River Minnesota there are a number of reasons why the Check Engine Light comes on. The OBD or on-board diagnostics is designed to monitor the engine as well as the exhaust system for any problems. It lights up for minor reasons like a loose gas cap or more serious ones like engine misfires, failed oxygen sensors and poor catalytic converters. Have it checked to address the problem.

Fix Broken Components

According to muffler exhaust Elk River Minnesota experts, exhaust systems are subjected to tremendous pressure, high heat and lots of vibration.  When combined is a cause for leaks in a number of different components. The usual area where leaks occur is the exhaust manifold. Leaks may also occur at the juncture of the exhaust system pipes. Moreover, rust and corrosion can damage them permanently. This is especially true in areas where salting the roads is a common practice during the winter season as well as areas where atmospheric salt is common.

Maintaining your exhaust system is not a difficult feat. The trick is to detect the problem early so that it will not result in a costly repair job and inconvenience later on. Take care of your vehicle by having it checked regularly. Trust us, it will love you back.

Warning Signs that your Muffler is about to Go Bad

Mufflers are one of the most overlooked parts of an automobile. Mufflers do more than simply reduce the noise that the internal combustion engine makes as it plays an integral role in the exhaust system of your car. Not taking care of your muffler may result to expensive repairs later on. Before a minor problem becomes a major one here are some warning signs to lookout for.

Loud Noises

According to muffler exhaust Elk River specialists; the most obvious sign of a problematic muffler is a drastic increase in the volume of exhaust noise coming from your car. If you have a fully functioning muffler, the car should operate relatively quietly. If there is a problem you would hear the exhaust noise even when the radio’s volume is high. Have a qualified mechanic check it out.

Higher Fuel Expenditure

If you have a properly functioning exhaust system you will have better fuel economy, if you notice that you are filling up your tank much more often but your driving habits have stayed largely unchanged, this could be a sign that the muffler exhaust system has gone bad.

Exhaust Fumes Inside Car

This is a no-brainer and a sign that you need to have the vehicle checked at once. The smell of exhaust fumes inside the car means that there is already a leak in the exhaust system. If you have a properly functioning muffler, it is able to funnel the fumes away from the car correctly.

Cleaning the Muffler

Periodically cleaning your muffler can extend its life and save you money.  When cleaning the muffler make sure that the engine is off. Use a dry rag or towel in order to wipe off as much dirt and soot as possible from the outside. Take 1 teaspoon of dishwashing soap and place in 1 quart of warm water. With the rag, wash the outside of the muffler, the dishwashing soap would be able to help get rid of the grease as well as stains that the dry rag could not.

Warning Signs that You Need to Replace your Brake Pads

The brake are without a doubt the most important safety feature your car has. However, most car owners tend to overlook brake maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle brakes will save you costly repairs in the long run and keep your car safe and in the best shape to avoid mishaps on the road due to brake failure.  Here are some warning signs that tell you to immediately replace your brake pads.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

According to brake pads & rotors Minnesota experts, the vibration is caused by worn out brakes or brake pads that have been warped due to too much heat.  Sometimes all that is needed to correct the problem is re-machining but if this is not possible there is no other choice but to replace the pads.

Thin Brake Pads

According to brake repairs Elk River Minnesota an easy way to check for worn brake pads is to peer through the spokes of the rims to peruse the pads themselves. The outer brake pad is visible as the material presses against the brake disc. Brake pads are considered too thin if you are able to see less than ¼ inch visibility. Thin pads require immediate replacement.

Clicking Noise

If you notice that the brakes begin to make a clicking sound when you apply the brakes it is an indicator that the pads require replacing. All vehicle manufacturers install a device that prevents the pads from rattling when you step on the brakes, if this has been damaged or has worn out you will hear the clicking noise.

Screeching Sound

This is a common overlooked symptom.  Aside from the clicking noise, a high-pitched screeching sound is a sure sign that you need to replace the pads.  The sound is produced by the small metal shim that surrounds the pads. 

Grinding Sound

Grinding or growling sounds when depressing the brake pedal is not a good sign. The sound is usually caused by the brake disc and brake caliper rubbing with one another. If this is the case, the brake discs may also require replacing. Have them checked immediately by a certified mechanic.

Tips to Extend the Life of your Car Battery

Car batteries without a doubt are an essential part of the automobile. Your car no matter how sophisticated it is will not start if the battery is dead. It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that your batteries are in good shape unless you have the tow truck on speed dial.  Here are some tips to extend the life of your car battery.

Basic Maintenance

According to car battery Elk River , some basic maintenance will do wonders to extend the life of your car battery. To perform the basic steps you need to first know how to remove the battery from the tray and make sure all the clamps are detached using the correct tools. You will need a battery terminal plier, battery wrench and battery pliers. Next is to remove the corrosion buildup on the terminals using water and some baking soda. You then remove any grease and other liquid substances near or around the unit in order to prevent grounding.

Battery Checkup

Use a voltmeter in order to detect the charge level. There are markers on the voltmeter that determine whether or not the battery is still good or is about to go bad. Refer to the voltmeter owner’s manual for information on how to interpret the readings.

If you are able to, try and check the electrolyte level on the battery by removing the covers on top of the battery and filling it with distilled water. According to preventive maintenance Elk River MN, the liquid should be half-full. If you see any leaks, you need to replace the unit at once.  If you have a hydrometer at your disposal take a sample from each cell. You need to be able to get readings of 1.264 or better if you have a fully charged battery. Fair readings are somewhere between 1.250 and 1.230 and a recharge or replacement is needed if you read 1.200

Battery Monitoring

Check for power fluctuations when starting your car. Does it feel weak or slow? If this occurs check the voltmeter readings. If it is 12.2 or below it is time to have the battery checked or replaced.

Disciplining Your Doberman Pinscher

Known as one of the most loyal breed of dogs around, the Doberman Pinscher was originally developed as a guard dog by Louis Dobermann. Big, full of energy, loving and extremely loyal, Dobermans are loved by both kids and adults.  However, they can also be assertive which makes them overly protective at times.  This is the reason why training a Doberman is a complex process and mutual respect is needed for any training to be a success.  Here is how you can discipline your Doberman Pinscher.

Repetition is Key

According to dog boarding Maple Grove experts, you need to begin the training process for Dobermans at a young age like at 6 months or even earlier than that.  Adult Dobermans can also be trained but it can be more difficult.  It is important to have short training sessions and then repeat them at different times of the day.  In fact, repetition is the key to training any Doberman.  You need to give commands in a firm and assertive tone and then soften your voice when you are providing praise.

 Walk alongside your Doberman and then use the command “easy” along with a short pull of the leash each time he attempts to go in a different direction. Do not forget to provide treats for good behavior so it can be reinforced.  You can use this method to teach your Doberman basic commands like “down” and “sit”.  It is important that you use treats to lead the dog in the desired position and once achieved, repeat the command until you allow him to move.


If you want to improve the indoor behavior of your Doberman, you can crate train him. Place a lot of treats and toys in the crate and provide encouragement for your pet to stay inside it If he does not want to enter, gently lase it inside and then proceed on closing the door. Do leave the TV on during the early phase of this training so he won’t feel alone.  You can improve your Doberman’s chewing habits by using chew toys that contain treats within.

Questions to Ask When Searching for a Dog Boarding Kennel for your Pet

So you’ve taken the plunge and have decided to let your pet spend a couple of weeks maybe more at a dog boarding kennel Albertville facility, however this is your first time and you do not know what to expect.  If this is the case, don’t fret because outlined below are some of the most important questions you need to ask to dog boarding kennels to ensure your pet is in good hands.

Where will my pet stay?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask to dog boarding kennel facilities.  Find out if the facility uses small rooms or cages for their residents.  If you own a small breed, a cage may be a good choice, for bigger breeds cages may not be good thing so cross off your list, kennels that exclusively use cages only.

What will you feed my dog?

Ask the dog boarding kennel if they can allow you to bring in your pet’s food.  Most of the time, dogs do not acclimate quite well to being given a diet they are unfamiliar with.  Good kennels will encourage patrons to bring in their pet’s favorite munchies as the feeling of familiarity fends off fear and anxiety.

Will my dog get exercise?

Dog kennel Rogers facilities have lots of space for your dog to stretch his legs and get his daily exercise routine done in no time. Find out if the kennel provides daily walks for all residents as part of their daily activity.  Dogs that get exercise are less anxious and are much happier compared to those that simply sit on a cage all day long.

Will my Pet get to interact with other dogs?

This is a tricky one because unmonitored contact may cause problems. Inquire about the kennel’s policy about this one. Some dogs are more social than others and if your pet is one of those, he will require some contact or else he might get bored and show bad behavior.

What happens if my dog gets sick when I am away?

Good facilities often have a vet on standby should pets get sick or injured.  Find out their policy regarding this and make sure that they monitor regularly all their residents to ensure that all are all right.

Kennels – The Ultimate Summer Vacay For Your Pet Dogs

When summer is around many people instantly begin planning where they will go for their vacation. However, for people with pet dogs it is another story. Pets deserve to have a vacation too just like you but it does not mean that you should go together.  This is why there are dog boarding kennels available for your pet to enjoy and have a good time.


House Sitter

A house sitter is ok if that person has experience or has a love for taking care of pets.  However, dog boarding kennel Big Lake say that there are questions that beg answers such as will the house sitter be there all the time to allow your pet to take care of business during the day? Do they know what to do in case your pet is ill? Are they trustworthy enough for you to leave your personal items with this person not to mention your beloved pet or pets?

The Vet

Many people going on vacation do consider leaving their pets at the vet and why not? You have the vet there to take of your pet if they get sick. However, the vet’s office is the last place you want to leave your dog simply because most if not all vet offices do not have the necessary facilities to take care of your pet. Veterinarian offices also cater to other animals like cats so it would not be a wise choice to leave your pet with other animals especially if they are not accustomed to it.  The vet’s office is perfect for sick pets but not for a healthy one that requires more physical activity.

Boarding Kennel

Boarding kennels are by far the best place for your pet to spend the summer.  Dog kennel Elk River facilities for instance have lots of space for your pet to roam in and get exercise.  Reputable dog kennels are run by compassionate and knowledgeable staff that knows how to take care of your pet in your absence.  Kennels are very much in demand during holidays and vacation seasons so be sure to book early.

Breed Restrictions in Kennels

Kennels are places that specialize in taking care of your pet dog while you go away on a vacation. Known also as dog boarding kennels, they are quite popular with many dog lovers because of the convenience they offer.  According to dog boarding Buffalo MN services, a lot of customers often inquire about breed restrictions in kennels.  Here are some facts to consider.

Open Boarding Environment

If the kennel utilizes an open boarding environment meaning there are no individual kennels for the pets, breed restrictions can be a good thing as long as the kennel takes the time to separate the dogs according to size. Why? Even the cutest Golden Retriever may all of a sudden think that the furry Pomeranian is a good snack to chew on in the dead of night.  Size differences in breeds, the result could be fatal for some pets if something goes horribly wrong.

Why Breed Restrictions are part of Policy

According to dog boarding Monticello MN specialists, boarding kennels often have breed restrictions due to the simple fact that their facilities are no equipped to ensure the safety of all residents in the event that one large or potentially dangerous breed of dog is in a bad mood.  Even in the most sophisticated facilities, one cannot discount the fact that dogs feel a certain level of stress due to the fact that they are in a different environment and being cared for by other people, which are not their natural masters. For instance, a mid-sized Labrador retriever can become as destructive as say, a 120 lb. Rottweiler if he is agitated.  The kennels must be secured properly so as to safeguard the pet from itself in those kinds of situations.

Temperament Restrictions

There are kennels that will refuse to accept pets that are aggressive to people. Other kennels may restrict pets that are too fearful. Most of the time, kennels have a network between themselves to send dogs the other way in the event that pet is refused at their facility for some reason or another.  Breed restrictions are a good thing because they serve the best interest of your pets. No one would like to have to worry about their pet while it is in a kennel simply because the kennel does not think about these matters seriously.